Spherical Bearings

PGslide® spherical bearings ensure the controlled transfer of loads between a structure's superstructure and its sub-structure. 


Through their design PGslide® spherical bearings can accomodate rotations and movements of the superstructure.


PGslide® spherical bearings are characterized by their compact construction. Their ability to accomodate rotations and tilt effects exceeds that of pot bearings.


Spherical Bearings are typically  used in structures with relatively big loads and frequent rotations and displacement.


PGslide® spherical bearings are manufactured in accordance with EN 1337-7


Scope of application:

  • PGslide® spherical bearings are designed to accomodate loads up to 6000 tons 
  • PGslide® spherical bearings to accomodate rotations of the superstructure up to s 0,02rad (ca. 1,15° ) 
  • PGslide® spherical bearings are designed to accomodate horizontal loads up to 10% of the vertical load
  • Coefficient of friction:
    Normal range of temperature (-25°C to +48°C): u ≤  0,03
    Low range of temperature (-40°C to -25°C): u ≤  0,06


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