Pot Bearings

PGslide® pot bearings ensure the controlled transfer of loads between a structure's superstructure and its sub-structure. 


Through their design PGslide® pot bearings can accomodate rotations and movements of the superstructure.


Pot Bearings are typically used in structures with small to big loads and frequent rotations and displacement.


PGslide® pot bearings are manufactured in accordance with EN 1337-5


Scope of application:

  • PGslide® pot bearings can accomodate loads up to 6000 tons 
  • PGslide® pot bearings can accomodate rotations of the superstructure up to 0,02rad (ca. 1,15° )
  • PGslide® pot bearings can accomodate horizontal loads up to 10% of the vertical load
  • Coefficient of friction:
    Normal range of temperature (-25°C bis +48°C): u ≤  0,03
    Low range of temperature (-40°C bis -25°C): u ≤  0,06
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